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A Hanatarou, Rikichi and Rin Community
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Yamada Hanatarou, Tsubokura Rin and Rikichi
You know who Jennifer is and how Hanatarou's zanpakuto is called, and you have an idea of why the twelfth division needs so much sweets supply?
You can fangirl Renji-san all day without being a real Renjifangirl yourself, or your cookies are always decorated with cute little skulls?
This is your place!

No matter if you just want to discuss about them or if you bring fanwork, be welcomed to the small but growing HanaRikiRin fandom!

1) No flaming, no pairing-bashing. Discussions are ok, but please stay nice and remember that there are different opinions on any subject.
2) May Post
- own fanart, fanfic, cosplay etc.
- if icons: please state, where the pictures you used are from, and credit
- fanwork that is not your own: say so clearly, credit. At it's best, just give a link to it.
- questions, discussions, etc.
3) May not post
- advertisement
- everything illegal
4) Keep to the subject! Which means:
- Of course everything about all three or also just two of them
- Everything about Rikichi or Rin, even if they aren't the center of the story
- Stories that are Hanatarou-centric
5) Please lj-cut everything! Fake cuts are ok as well.
6) Please put the following into your post, if it is any fanwork:

Rikichi-fans A Rikichi fanworks community at deviantart
12th_division Because 12th division is love~
bleach_flashfic Want to write flashfic about Bleach? This is the place!
cirucci_fans Bleach's most gorgeous lolita! Go here for Cirucci LUV
sanbantaifuku Kirakirakirakira - It's sparkling, it's love, it's Kira Izuru!
isshingami Bleach's most full-hearted daddy had come to hug you.... Run!
bleach_het No matter what pairings, it's Bleach, it's het, it goes here.
sanbantaichou Keep smiling, it's Gin.
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This community is still under construction, but...
Have fun^^